Jack Herer




Jack Herer is covete for its amazing resin production, immediately uplifting high, and sharp. Sweet, candy-like flavors. Sensi Seed Bank name the strain after probably the most famous and belove grower of all time. Also known as a powerfully energetic cannabis activist. Jack Herer, who gave us the seminal book about hemp: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The strain has gain legendary status and ensures both the man and the non-fiction work will forever be remember by ganja enthusiasts worldwide.

The goal of this strain was to make a 50%. Haze cross that keep the properties of the top-rate sativa, while really shortening the painful. 6-month flowering time that a full-body haze demands. While Jack Herer’s lineage is somewhat of a secret, it is commonly hold that the strain is a cross between. Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. Its lore couple with its quality have long cemente. Jack Herer as one of the most popular and prevalent strains on the planet. It’s seemingly on the shelves of nearly every medical marijuana dispensary in. America and is grown across the globe. Jack Herer remains an integral strain for both medical patients and recreational users alike.

 Looks and Smell
The appearance of Jack Herer is very dense, but pillow soft and sticky to the touch. It is light green in color with orange/rust color hairs and is completely flock in crystals.This variety’s long-finger leaves and dense, grape-ting, frosty resin coating. Make for a memorable experience burn into your brain—and we haven’t even smoke yet. The Jack Herer strain contains a stench that truly makes it a spicy yet well balance aroma. With a candy-like sweetness on the finish. Give the nugs a little squeeze and tug, and sit back and enjoy the tropical frost. Smell that will have your entire face in the bag in no time. The smells of sweetness couple with spice, orange juice, lemon, pepper, and even a cake-like aroma. Will linger in the room, but in the most pleasant way.

The Smoke

Jack Herer is a great daytime strain—probably my first choice for a nice, clearhead. Wake-and-bake strain. As with most clear (as oppose to heavy) sativa strains, users of. Jack Herer can expect an upbeat, energetic high that is predominantly a head buzz. It has very cerebral effects, feel almost instantly upon the first take. Warm feelings behind the eyes initially. Which then spread throughout the brain and into the entire body.

This sativa-dominant hybrid (90% sativa, 10% indica) causes a minor energetic effect. But without causing anxiety or paranoia. The energetic feeling then turns to mild euphoria, then onto complete relaxation throughout the entire body from head to toe. Jack Herer was a very smooth smoke. Although not as noticeable as the smell, I was honestly expecting a bit more from the taste. There is a sweet, underlying candy/cake tone with this strain, follow a citrusy, lemon-pepper aftertaste—like a fruit salad with spicy dressing


In 2010, after years of battling heart troubles, Jack Herer pass away, but his name lives on and is honor as one of the most prominent strains in the world today. Throughout his lifetime, Jack fought for decriminalization of cannabis because it of its value as a renewable source of fuel, food, and medicine that can be grown in virtually any part of the world. Jack actually even ran for president of the United States twice under the nomination of the Grassroots Party. How fitting.

While quick, indoor hydro grows will yield positive results, soil-grown Jack Herer in an outdoor, dry climate with plenty of time to fully flower will yield the best results. Frosty, skunky, peppered, hazy nuggets await, most especially if the roots are allow to stretch out (i.e., in ground, no pots) and harvest time is delay until the flowers reach their peak potential.


Jack Herer has been proven useful in the treatment of stress, anxiety, migraines, nausea, ADD, ADHD, depression, and chronic pain, just to name a few.

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